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Air Deccan to offer one rupee tickets

No gimmick here, we are serious, says Captain GR Gopinath



May 8: Low-budget airline Air Deccan is to sell a few seats on its flights for as low as Re 1, that too on busy flight routes like Bangalore-Delhi, and is also planning to offer these low-priced tickets over the Internet.

"Pricing of the Re 1 offer will soon be sorted out and it would be offered via the Internet just like the Rs 500-a-ticket 'Dynafare' offer," Deccan Aviation, (holding company of Air Deccan) Managing Director G R Gopinath said.

“This is no gimmick, each flight will have about three seats that will be offered at Re 1 and that to needy people," he said.

The ticket bookings will open about three months in advance and can be made over the Internet or through other delivery mechanisms of Air Deccan.

The tickets will be offered beginning at Re 1 for a few seats, Rs 500 for another couple of seats, Rs 1,000, Rs 2,000, Rs 2,500 and in that order till upto Rs 6,000, which is the maximum on the Bangalore-Delhi route.

Cartoonist RK Laxman, with whom the airline has signed an agreement to use the `common man' mascot, mooted the idea of the one rupee tiket.

Air Deccan is also exploring alternate channels to ensure such tickets reach those who need it most.

“I would like the seat to go to, say, a retired person in Bangalore, who might want to visit his daughter in Delhi. But, on the Internet, I can’t really stop people from buying a ticket,” Captain Gopinath said.

Air Deccan's Dynafare offer, under which it is selling a few seats for Rs 500 is popular on the carrier’s Airbus routes, with the airline ferrying over one lakh passengers since launch about 18 months ago. Air Deccan's Rs 500 ticket is also selling like hot cakes over the Net.

On regular tickets, Air Deccan will be levying a passenger security fee of Rs 221, which will be passed on to the authorities.

Air Deccan has posted revenues of Rs 316 crore in the fiscal ended March 31, 2005.



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